Engagement Session With Robert Madrid

Robert Madrid Photography

No one can touch this guy.  For all you hipster wanna be photographers, Robert didn’t use photoshop.  Let me say it one more time, Robert didn’t touch these in photoshop.  He’s just that good.  

Take notes divas.

These are my favorites out of the session.

Me and Jordan my future wife.  








my weekend in williamsport

it ruled.  tons of students had their hearts rocked.  tons of leaders had their hearts checked.

God grabbed ahold of me in a wild way.

i finished Tim Steven’s “Pop Goes the Church”  it ruled.  go get it.  no seriously.  go get it now.

i finished gary thomas’ “Sacred Marriage”  a good read.  helpful.  

here are some happenings from the weekend via airplane.  more photos to come from robert madrid.

this is when we first boarded the plane after waiting hours to get on and then hours sitting on the runway.  us airways suck.

this is another reason us airways suck.  do yourself a favor and fly jet blue people.  they got rad pilots.