First Sunday Morning at CPWL

The time has arrived.  After just over a year we have planted with Crosspointe Church Waterford Lakes.  It’s been a long, excruciating, joyful, tiring, encouraging and Spirit filled journey, and it’s just beginning!  We are so thankful for all of your support, prayer and fellowship.  God is so good and receives all the glory!  We are humbled and thankful to serve Crosspointe each week and are just in awe of God’s providence and faithfulness as we heard His call and obeyed it for the glory of His Son!  Here are a few photos and a video from our first Sunday!

We had 52 people join us in worship this past week from college age students to families to older couples.  We can’t wait to see what God has in store next week and are blessed to be a part of what He is doing in Orlando Florida!

The First Sunday

I’ve heard a story told in pictures communicates far more than words so I’m going to heed that phrase and instead of describing how our first Sunday service went I’m going to let you see how it went.  God blessed us and brought us more than we expected; in people, in ministry opportunities, in community and in grace.  Here’s a peak into our first Sunday.

Brent and me figuring out last minute tech stuff for worship and teaching.

Brent and me testing the mic for recording and Jared & Jocelyn & baby Hudson looking over the seating arrangement.

Shot from the back of the room.

Where the body of Crosspointe Waterford Lakes worships.

Praying over the night.


Jordan already has a big children’s ministry!!!  Six children!!!

The first worship at CPWL.

Out of the 32 people that God brought us that night, 5 were orphans from a foster care home.  They were awesome students and so much fun to talk to and be around!

Jared teaching the gospel.

Children’s ministry in full effect.

God is so good.  We are so thankful for your support and prayers.  Keep coming back for more weekly updates on what God is doing in Waterford Lakes!!!!

Love, The Potters

Launching soon!

The past few weeks have been filled with staff meetings, planning, praying for God’s Spirit to move and an overall excitement that grows daily.

We are one week and four days from launching our core team phase of Crosspointe Waterford Lakes!  What that will look like is this:

On Sunday nights we will gather at Jared and Jocelyn’s house.  There we will hold a service of worship where we will hear the Word of God, fellowship and worship through song, communion and community.  Jordan will be running the children’s ministry and I will be leading the worship in song.  After that we will all eat together and fellowship and grow in community.

It’s almost unbelievable that it is here.  We’ve been heeding God’s call since August.  We’ve been praying and trusting like we’ve never done before.  We’ve walked through terrible storms to get here and the only reason we are here is because of God’s grace.  We are so blessed and so excited to begin what God has called us out of West Palm and into Orlando to do.

Along with all the church planting excitement, our little baby girl Mercy is developing nicely in her mommy’s tummy.  Here’s some photos!

Thank you all for your support!  Your prayers and giving has been such a blessing and we want you to know how much we love and appreciate you all!

Josiah and Jordan

I get married today

Today I marry my best friend.

Today I am responsible for someone much more important than myself.

Today I see friends and family my eyes have not touched in years.

Today my mother will cry as I walk away with my bride.

Today my father will have me repeat vows after him, making the oath much more personal than it tends to be these days.

Today my sister will watch her big brother become a husband.

Today is today and we’ve prepared for 8 months for this day and I thank Jesus for every second.

Engagement Session With Robert Madrid

Robert Madrid Photography

No one can touch this guy.  For all you hipster wanna be photographers, Robert didn’t use photoshop.  Let me say it one more time, Robert didn’t touch these in photoshop.  He’s just that good.  

Take notes divas.

These are my favorites out of the session.

Me and Jordan my future wife.  








my weekend in williamsport

it ruled.  tons of students had their hearts rocked.  tons of leaders had their hearts checked.

God grabbed ahold of me in a wild way.

i finished Tim Steven’s “Pop Goes the Church”  it ruled.  go get it.  no seriously.  go get it now.

i finished gary thomas’ “Sacred Marriage”  a good read.  helpful.  

here are some happenings from the weekend via airplane.  more photos to come from robert madrid.

this is when we first boarded the plane after waiting hours to get on and then hours sitting on the runway.  us airways suck.

this is another reason us airways suck.  do yourself a favor and fly jet blue people.  they got rad pilots.

Pop Goes the Church

So I’ve been reading Tim Stevens blog for a few months now.  Check it out.  This dude rules.

Tim is the executive pastor at Granger Community Church in Indiana.  This guy is wicked smart and has a passion for Christ and the Church that is incredible.  I’m currently reading his book Pop Goes the Church and it rules.  I’m actually reading it right now as I blog in Panera.  Check it out!


If you haven’t already left your laptop or work station to get this from the book store you need to.  I even linked the title of the book to amazon so if you’re busy you can toss it in your online shopping cart and have it shipped to your front door.

Tim, if you’re reading this by chance, thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Keep it up man.  I dig your love for Christ.  I dig your love for the church.

Who are you currently reading?  Leave a comment.  I’d love to know!