There’s always two ways

I’m learning more and more each day that there are two ways of looking at things. I feel like God is showing us that He provides in all things.

For example, a few days ago Jordan and I recieved more support and we were thrilled! We’ve been praying for God to send us more monthly supporters so we could trim our schedules from working two full
time jobs each to one a piece.

And then the tires on her Jeep went dead. One has a nail in it and the others are bare.

So I had to make a decision. I could choose to mope and pout that now we have to use our new support for something unexpected and expensive…..OR I could choose to be thankful that God had already provided for us in this time and anticipated our needs as He always does.

So, here I sit, at discount tire; thankful that the God we serve loves us and always provides according to His grace.

Being on support from our friends and family is often hard. It takes ALOT more trust than it did when I was
making a steady pay check, but the fellowship and intimacy with the Spirit
in these times, because of our constant dependancy on Him makes it worthwile and joyful every day.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my site so that I could spend some time on yours! I appreciate your heart and enjoyed reading your stories and listening to your music.

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