Houses/Traveling/God’s Provision

It has been a crazy couple weeks and Jordan and I have been in awe of God’s faithfulness and providence!

We just signed the papers to sell our house in Boynton Beach!!!  We listed it Wednesday night, had an offer made Saturday night and are faxing the signed papers today!

People talk about the economy and housing market as if God is God of everything else but those areas.  God is the God of the universe and as hard as it was to surrender the house (our greatest anxiety) to Him, when we did He took care of it.  Not only did He take care of it, but He decided to do it in 5 days!!!  We will be emailing everyone our new mailing address for Nov/Dec when we find out where we’ll be.

We traveled to Tampa this past weekend to celebrate the 10 year mark of Fresh Start Church.  While we were there we got to cast the vision of Crosspointe Waterford Lakes and learn from people who have been planting for years.  Fresh Start was so gracious to us and we are so thankful for them.  Here’s a shot of Scott Welch at the celebration dinner.

9127_1158789264413_1668232403_392871_6856896_nWe’ve been receiving postcards these past few weeks from supporters and ministry partners and are so thankful for all of you who supporting us as we heed God’s call for us to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Orlando!

In the meantime, Jordan has been finishing up her classes at PBAU and working and Josiah has been leading worship for a church plant in West Palm called Truth Point.  Josiah met the lead pastor, Jeremy, while hanging out with Jared in Boca a few weeks ago.  Jeremy was in need of a worship leader and offered Josiah a chance to begin leading worship again and getting acclimated to leading a small church of about 12.  God once again showed His grace in orchestrating that situation because it’s been a very helpful part in our process of transitioning to Orlando.  Josiah was also asked to lead worship at PBA for the FCA chapels this fall as well as speak at TNL, the thursday night college ministry.

Let me (Josiah) take a moment and just brag about my wife because she is the reason we sold the house!  Jordan continues to keep us very organized and has been looking at houses in waterford lakes non stop trying to find the place that God wants us to live in.  She’s been an amazing help in taking a lot of stressful things (that i’m not good at anyway!) and taking them on her shoulders while being a full time student and working full time.  We’ve only been married four months and it’s been the most amazing four months of my life.  We keep hearing how the first year of marriage is  the hardest, and well….if this is the hard part then we are SO pumped about the future because it’s been awesome being married!  Love and respect people.  Love and respect.  It works.


We are looking for a room to rent from Nov 1-Dec 20 so if you know of anyone in the WPB area that could help us out we’d love it!

The Crosspointe Leadership.  God is still moving and providing the people He wants to use at Waterford and we ask that you all be in prayer about those people and that they would feel and hear God speaking into their hearts,

Support.  We have about 25% of our support raised and hope to be fully supported by Nov. so we can begin to fully focus on planting and hit the ground running when we arrive in January.

Thank you all so much!

Love, The Potters


    • Will do man! She was so stoked that the TWK guys said hey! Can’t wait til you tour the world!!!!!!!

  1. I am so excited for you two! Love and respect is the key! Keep spreading that word…It needs to be heard by all couples young and old! I am so excited to hear about what God is doing in your lives! We will be praying for you. It is evident that God has a path for you. Thanx for the updates, I look forward to hearing what God is doing. If theres anything we can do along with your posts I will let you know. Love you two! Miss you! xoxo

  2. God bless you guys on your new journey of life together. It seems like you are seeking His face in all that you do and so we know He will bless you abundantly for your faithfulness and for always believing He has a plan for you and your lives. We are very excited for the both of you special people, Josiah and Jordan and you are in our prayers to our gracious God who is looking down on you both and smiling. God bless you both. Tom and Rachael – World Shaker Ministry.

  3. I’m so happy for you guys! God is so good!

    Love you both

    • nope we’ll still be at

      3590 Aladdin Ave
      Boynton Beach Fl 33436

      Until we close on October 28th! 🙂

  4. I was searching online, and found your website. It seems interesting. I wish you the best in your future endeavors. I will be praying for you.

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