What’s next for the Potters…

As you may or may not know; I was asked to step down at The Journey Church and have been replaced.  This was not how I envisioned leaving The Journey, but I do have a choice in HOW I leave. I get to choose my response. We all get to choose how we respond to something that comes our way. We get to choose our response and in the end that may be the most important choice of all.

The best part about all of this is that God has been in all of this, directing it, guiding it and putting things in place I cannot even see right now.  The beauty of the situation is that two months ago Jordan and I began praying to consider joining Jared and Jocelyn Davis in planting with Crosspointe Church in Orlando and little did we know God had already provided for that!

What this means…

We need to sell our house.  3/2 in Boynton Beach Florida.

We are going to be 100% financially supported by givers and hope to be supported fully by November 1st. (Think American Missionaries)

We need to find a house in Orlando to rent and move in by January 1st 2010.

Please pray for us as we listen to God’s call for our lives and if you are interested in supporting us please let us know and we will send all the info to you and come visit with you as well!

Grace and peace,



  1. We will miss you Josiah. Zoe was so disappointed not to have you as her teacher when she moved up to 2345 last week. We have been and will be praying for you and Jordan in this new adventure. We will remember you fondly and wish you all the best. Jeremiah 29:11

    • thanks so much Donna! tell Z-unit and Jake the snake i will miss them as well!!!

  2. Love you guys and will be praying for you as God continues to lead you down the unknown path you chose to follow in obedience to Him.

  3. Josiah, Kim and I LOVE you and Jordan. He uses many things to direct our path. You have a good attitude and it’s so beautiful to hear the trust in your tone… trust in your God, Lord and Friend… to never leave you or forsake you. Your faith and patience makes me smile. I can only imagine how your heart must make the Father smile. “Even tho He slay me, YET will I trust in HIM!” Yes! John the Baptist said, “I must decrease, and He must increase.” The Father makes that come about – He uses suffering, “death” and resurrection, even in this life. We either walk IN Him, or we walk in our flesh. Our flesh is always a thorn… but He gives more grace. We either walk IN Him, or in ourselves… in which dwells no good thing. Paul said at the end of his life, ” I AM the chief of sinners!” Not I WAS, but I AM… in the flesh! “But, if God be FOR us, WHO can be against us?” The answer is: no one. So rejoice and trust in the ONE who promises to finish the great work He has begun.. in you and in me. Rest. Cease from your own works and wait patiently as He directs our steps. Here’s a cool verse… 2Co 4:16a, 17 “For this cause we do not faint; Because this light present affliction works out for us a far more excellent eternal weight of glory.” AMEN! He has a future and a hope all laid out for you. Yield to it as He directs you through this life. Be encouraged. And please stay in touch.

    • thank you so much for the encouragement Dee!!!! we need it so much!!!!

  4. This is the most honest, real, passionate guy I know. His love and relationship with Jesus flows out into loving people. You can’t ask for anything better.

    I love you as a bro, and I’m very proud of you. God’s going to take you farther than you ever anticipated or dreamed of. Always remember the TWK guys are praying for ya, and we look forward to the day we can co-labor with you for the kindgom.

    • Thanks so much Dustin!!!

      I also look forward to one day sharing in Kingdom work with TWK!!!

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