10 Books I’ve read this year so far…the good the bad the poorly written

Number 10

The Divine Commodity by Skye Jethani

** out of *****


I read four books while on my honeymoon this week (I know I’m a freak) and this was book number three out of four.

I find Jethani’s perspective interesting on church ‘branding’ and his view of the American Church and how it operates.

It was a lot to chew on and am very grateful to Anne Jackson for opening me up to this book but I’m not sold completely.

I’ll make this short and as painless as possible.

Jethani had great points and backed up everything nicely.

Spoiler Alert!!!! It all boils down to doing what Jesus commanded us to do (in 171 pages)!!!!

I underlined several paragraphs while I read::::unfortunately everything I underlined was Jethani quoting someone else.

It was wordy and would have liked less Van Gogh references.  Imagination.  I get it.  Please no more terrible impressionistic paintings, give me more Jesus!

Over all I give it two stars out of five.

Nothing personal.  No agenda.  Just didn’t like it.  More to come tomorrow.

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