Do you love Jesus?

I spoke at PBA University last week at “TNL presents The Anchor” and had the pleasure of worshipping with and communicating to about 50 some college students.

My thought for the night was this.

Are you more in love with the movement of Christ, than the person Jesus Christ.

God has really been growing me in that area because He asks me if I love Him and the conversation goes like this.

G: Josiah, do you love me?

JP: Sure I love you!  I’m a worship pastor!

G: I know, I called you to be one, but do you love me?

JP: Of course I do, I feed homeless people and blog about your son all the time.

G: I know, I read your blog…but do you love me?

I think we create excuses to say we love Jesus, but we’re more in love with His movement.

I’m getting married in 31 days.  How unfair and obscene would it be if Jordan asked me if I loved her and I replied with, “of course I love you, I bought you an engagement ring.”

Jesus asks us if we love Him and we tell him the things we do for Him as if He doesn’t already know.

So, my question to you is do you love Jesus or His movement?

Because if you love the movement of Christ more than the person, Jesus Christ, then you don’t understand His movement.


  1. Interesting – I think this will sit with me for a while. I wonder how this will affect how I talk to others about my love for Jesus. I bet it will be a lot less about me and a whole lot more about Him. Thanks!

  2. No problem Elle! It’s a tough question and I’ve been walking through it all week long….but now I’m more in love with Jesus than ever before!

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