1. I met Anne in Atlanta a few weeks ago while doing a shoot for Catalyst, but… I still haven’t picked up the book yet, guess I am going to have to go ahead and get it.

    Good review, would like to see a list of the other books you have read this year so far that it compares with.

  2. Josiah!!!!!

    Hey man, :o) Nice book plug, but that’s not really why I’m responding. Congratulations on your engagement!! I’ve been corresponding with your dad. I know you’ll probably say it’s the other way around (which is true too ;o) but your fiancee is a very special lady to have you :o)

    I am really looking forward to meeting you guys.

    Til next time,
    Peace & Love-

  3. Scott-thanks man! Yeah, I need to do a top ten of the year soon….lots of great writings out there. MCD is so good and Anne is definitely annointed.

    Michelle-Thanks so much! It’ll be great to meet you too!

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