This Book Changed My Life…..

How often do we say this one sentence?  I say it three times a month because I read 3-4 books/month and they do have an enormous impact on my life, walk and relationship with God.

Why doesn’t that sentence leave my lips about this book?


I’ve been walking through Joshua and the Timothy’s this month.  My prayer is that the sentence “I’m reading this book and it’s changing my life!” will leave my stupid mouth more than the commentaries I engulf on a weekly basis.

What about you?  What are you reading?


  1. I just read this morning in all 4 Gospels about the resurrection of Jesus! Oh my word, I just sat there in joy with tears streaming down my face because I can only imagine what the Marys were thinking after they saw Him and the angel. It was real! He wasn’t just a prophet! They actually were there and intimate friends of the Messiah – the hope of Israel! I can’t imagine what they felt. This is reason enough to rejoice always – that our God is ALIVE! We needn’t fear the outcome or who will achieve victory – it is DONE!

  2. So true Jamie! It was at that point that they could worship Him as the resurrected Lord because the prophecies were fulfilled! Can you imagine the excitement that was buzzing through the city!? He is risen!

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