1. oh. MY. gosh.

    this was so sweet of you.

    thank you SO much.

    is there any way you can send me the original file so i can post it up to the Facebook page, etc…?



    thank you.

    • Hey Anne! No problem, I love spreading the word about your awesomeness!

      I uploaded the file directly to youtube from my laptop so I don’t think there’s an original file I can grab for you, but I allowed embedding from my account so you’re more than welcome to link or embed it! Keep on doing what God’s doing through you!

  2. Josiah. My family is asleep. I have the volume down on the computer. I imagine that you have nothing but praise for this book. I’ll check it out. Since I was unable to listen, there were a couple of things I did to compensate. First, I imagined that you shaved much closer above your lip. Then I imagined you shaved under your lip also. This left only the facial hair area from your sideburns to your chin. After that, your hat disappeared. It was replaced with a black top hat…oh, and your clothes were replaced with a black suit. No tie; kind of an end of a formal day look. Your room vanished and you were in what appeared to be an oval office. Finally the color was replaced with an authentic sepia tone and an ensemble commenced to playing a patriotic piece.
    You gave me the Gettysburg Address. In honor of President’s Day? I’m certain your inner-self was reaching deep from the satori you experienced whilst pondering this book.
    Thank you not only for an unheard recommendation, but also for a message of hope that brought back a deep sense of traditionalism, values, beliefs, dreams, and loyalty to the country I live in!

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