til death do us part

in light of the wedding i’m attending today, here’s a little something i penned on facebook last spring.


You fall in love.

You meet the man or woman of your dreams and everything is perfect. They are an exact match to what you would describe if questioned about what the perfect person for you would be.

However, you always notice that this person always has his or her left hand covered. Now, you inquire about it on a several occasions and their answer is always the same. They say, “if you truly love me, then you will let me reveal the reason behind this when I am ready.”

You propose, or are proposed to by this person and you plan the wedding. This person’s family is uber-wealthy so you are able to invite every person you’ve ever been friends with to the wedding. You have a forty person wedding party because money is no problem.

Everyone you’ve ever known comes to the wedding and while you are (right) hand in hand, the love of your life says that it is time (right before the i do’s) to reveal to you the reason they’ve covered their left hand for so long.

They remove the covering that was hiding (what should be) a normal left hand, but instead, when revealed, you see that the love of your life, indeed, has a baby deer hoof for a left hand.

How do you react? Or perhaps you’re totally cool with marrying a partial minotaur?


  1. umm…I think you know you took this idea from me…with a slight modification. One word…hands.

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